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Friday, September 2, 2016

Five Keys Parenting

Five Keys Parenting
By:"Sue Edgerley"
Published on 2010 by Sue Edge

How would you feel if your home was peaceful and filled with laughter and love instead of arguments and disrespect? What if there was a way to end all the arguing, whining, backchatting and rudeness in your family in just a few weeks?The 5 Keys parenting system shows parents how to easily combine the firm, clear boundaries of traditional parenting with the more involved and affectionate style of modern parenting. Yet the methods by which these goals are achieved revolve around just 5 simple principles!From toddlers to teens, educator Sue Edgerley serves it up with the insight that only another parent can have. It is a sometimes confronting, but always engaging read, and a must for new parents as well as parents who want to feel empowered again.On first release, 5 Keys Parenting generated considerable debate and was featured on national television, newspapers and radio.

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This Book was ranked 40 by Google Books for keyword parenting.

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